Hyper-Threading bug in KabyLake & Skylake


Any new i7 owners might want to consider disabling HT, regardless of OS...

If you are on Skylake you might already have the micro-code updates (depending on OS and permission for non-free updates) to mitigate/address the issue.

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all my linux distros are updated. need to update a few other win10 machines, probably via a BIOS update when available.

Honestly... not really no. I mean, Skylake is what 1 1/2 years old? Barely anyone knows or had any issues with this bug, there's really no need to Panic now...

Even in the bug report it says that this only happens in specific rare cases. If you haven't had this issue until now, don't go full rambo and deactivate SMT just because of that... You could also just update the microcode.

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