Hyper 212 plus HELP!

     Hi guys, I built my computer about a month ago and tried installing the hyper 212 plus. The problem is that the retention plate can't reach the screws. So I am now useing the stock heatsink. Do I need need to bend the retention plate?

     By the way, I have the msi 890gxm-g65 and the amd phenom II 965 black edition. I was also wondering if this is a compatibility issue? 

take pics of the problem area. did you take off the old mounting hardware and put on the new one included with the cpu cooler?

Yes, I did take off the stock mount. I don't have any pics. It's just that the screws aren't long enough. To create a mental image, when I have the heatsink and the retention plate lined up right, the retention plate's screws has a couple of cm of clearence to where I need to screw it in. I was looking around some forums and the solution was to bend the retention plate but that would be my last resort. I wanted to see if there is any other way.