Hybrid Raid Worth It?

The adaptec raid controllers have a feature called hybrid raid where you can raid SSD and HDD together. Has anyone on here tried this?

I was thinking that it might be convenient to have a single large volume where at least the beginning is fast for booting and common applications. (although I’m sure the controller init will take longer than loading the OS)

What OS are you using?

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If you cant afford a decent SSD then sure but 1TB drives are down to like $220 and you only really need quick loading on some games, there is little advantage to most multiplayer games as they wait till the game is loaded for everyone before starting.

Im far from an expert but in general software raid is king. OS dependant setup a raid and have an SSD cache if that is an option.

Hardware cards fail and if there is not a drop in replacement, there can be issues. Hardware cards need drivers and support as well. In 5 years will it work in 10 years ?