Hybrid Memory Cube

i just wanted to get your guys opinions on this new type of 3d stacked memory idea ?


so after hitting  a few tech news websites, 

i stumbled on the fact that the http://www.hybridmemorycube.org/

hmc consortium just detailed their second revision

The HMCC 2.0 spec is released to the public as Micron and others display the latest HMC technology at Supercomputing 2014

about 4 days ago mind you, so this is current and new






  • a single HMC can provide more than 15x the performance of a DDR3 module.
  • The revolutionary architecture of HMC is exponentially more efficient than current memory, utilizing 70% less energy per bit than DDR3 DRAM technologies

           nearly 90% less space than today's RDIMMs

ive seen packages of 30mm x 30mm for the new 320gb/s

and a cut down version of 19mm


 supporting data rates of 1Tb/s (one trillion bits per second)


If you'd experienced a Micron Fab, you probably not buy their cube.

its just their design,

there working hand in hand with samsung , intel , and others in a consortium to develop a new standard



intel possible 10TB ssd with 3d stacked nand, working with micron

Yes............... But what about the price?

i love it when companies always clam up about the one or two most important points.
in this case its the latency and price

and now they come out and say 10TB ssds