Hwmonitor vs Asus suite

I have a 10 degree difference Asus says 72 degrees full throttle but hwmonitor shows 84 Any thoughts?

Grab every other decent hardware monitor software you can find and see which one is the odd one out.

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I have had similar issues with the ASUS suite and I've come to the conclusion that it is likely wrong at least when to comes to CPU temperatures. I have used multiple temperature sensors and the ASUS one doesn't seem to correlate with the others . Also the ASUS suite on my brothers computer always shows temperatures between 24 - 40 when he had a Corsair H80i and the temperatures stayed the same when he upgraded to a H100i GTX while my H80i GT had temperatures anywhere from 40 - 70+ (I think my H80i GT was broken because temperatures were pretty much as bad as an Intel stock cooler and is why I got an NF D15) but it still doesn't add up because his load temperatures should have been much higher than the ASUS software states.

Let this be a warning to everyone. =) DO NOT install AI suite 3. I ended up having to reinstall windows because I couldnt get it uninstalled. But temps are accurate. I installed Aida64 the CPU temp was the same as AI Suite. The core temps were a little higher. WIth no OC just base boost clock the cores get up to 80c and my CPU temp stays right around 65c 70c. Hwmonitor was still higher than aida by 2 to 3 degrees. I guess i will have to turn in my OLD 212 evo if I want to OC.

I've found that HWiNFO is one of the best programs to keep and eye on the whole system status, including temperatures. HW Monitor acts kinda funky at times.
What CPU and motherboard are you using?

I have the i7 6700k with the asus z170-a board.

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I have the same and multiple programs(HWmonitor, nzxt cam, aida64, gpuz) all report the same temperatures. Never tries asus suite.

asus suite was giving correct temps. it was the whole CPU temp and not the core temps. Core temps are reaching 80c under full load but the Whole cpu is showing 65 to 70c

Does anyone know what the max temp is for the 6700k. I did the intel processor diagnostic tool. it shows 38 degrees C below max.

The Tcase is 64c what the heck is that? lol

Intel cpus will throttle around 100C to prevent damage. Lower is better and may increase lifespan and decrease degradation of a processor though.