Hunting for headphones

I can probably drive up to 250ish Ohms from the mixers headphone out. If I were to go for a DAC it would be either the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd or Roland Rubix24.

Headphone amp would probably be a cheapo monitor loop through thing

Does the looping affect the sound quality?

Probably doesn´t. Reviews don´t report any problems.

SHPs aren’t that cheap in Europe as they are in the US IF you can even get them, plus they’re open.
Probably would’ve bought them over the HD598 SR but…when they were available on Amazon Germany, they were like 140-170€ (vs 105€ for the HD598 SR on sale).

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Damn Euro prices lol

Nah, was just some 3rd party seller who imported them and wanted to get some profit. No idea how much import was for him.
Don’t know why Philips doesn’t sell them here, though (they’re from the Netherlands).

I am going to order from The only product from Philips they have are replacement bulbs fro lighting gear.

Because they are shit (Philips, don´t know about the headphones).

Well, the Fidelio X2 got a 2nd revision because apparently the QC was pretty spotty, so…

If cost were no object get at pair of Stax earspeakers. A used pair of Sennheiser HD 600 and a new set of pads would fit your price range. Massdrop has had a good deal on Senn HD 580.

Comes with 29% import tax.

I live on the wrong side of the pond as well, but at the time it was worth buying the HD 6xx compared to the HD 650, and pay import tax. The used route is an option too.

Okay. Let me wrap this up before I change my mind again:

Thing Reason
AKG K-712 Pro Read some reviews, looked at some graphs, tossed a coin, rolled a D20.
Ultimately I like the design of the headband better.
And I need to annoy tsk a little
ART HeadAmp 4 After conducting some tests, I concluded that a dedicated headphone
amp on the main output from the mixer would not hurt anything.
Some review reading later, I decided on this one.
2x mono to stereo cable I am going to use the main mix outs from the mixer to go to the amp.
Would have to buy a cable anyway as I don´t have any stereo 6.3mm cables arround.

Total cost: 277.90€

Will order this mid October to early November. If I change my mind until then again, I will fire this thread up again (or we keep this going and discuss the bullshit decision I made).

Anyone want a review on the stuff?

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