Hunting for a new monitor - which one of these is the best?

I’ll start by saying that i haven’t bought a new monitor in 7 years, i have no idea what i’m really looking for when it comes to monitors these days, but since i’m rebuilding my entire setup with top notch components, i might as well buy a proper monitor. And i’m quite confused with the specs, as you will see shortly.
I have selected a few monitors in my price range, and while i can’t import anything from overseas, i found some decent monitors here in the country:

From cheapest to most expensive in Brazilian Real, with links for specs:
1- Samsung LC32F391: R$1540
2- Asus MX279H: R$ R$1550
3- Viewsonic XG2701: R$2150
4- Dell U2717DA: R$2500 (big fan of the arm in this one)
5- Acer H277HU: R$2560
6- LG 34UC79G-B: R$2570
7- Dell U2718Q: R$2700

I do a little bit of everything on the machine, most of the time i spend writing spreadsheets for my job, making a few college papers and just browsing the web, but i also game quite a bit (nothing crazy, i wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore player) and i’m planing to come back to online titles.
There are some high refresh rate monitors on the list, i have never experienced anything above 75hz CRTs in the past, but if you guys think i should try one out, i’m puting my money on it.
I’m not sure if i should prioritize resolution, response times or refresh rate, you guys tell me, because i’m quite confused :confused:.
In short, choose the monitor as if you’d be choosing for yourself!

For reference, my current “monitor” is a painstakingly calibrated Panasonic TC-40DS600B TV(40’, 1080p, VA edge-lit panel, oddly enough), which i personally consider to be a perfectly decent display, albeit with quite rubish response times. I use it from around a meter away, much too close for my liking, and i intend to use the new monitor in the same ballpark, if not a bit closer.

Sorry for the long post too!

Ask a long question? Get a longer answer!

Never seen that samsung curved display, but I don’t like or recommend curved displays as they are really annoying for some tasks, although AMAZING for movies. It has a middle of the range response time. Has versa mount.

I own the asus you listed, its actually fine, so if your wanting to save cash, do it. Decent quality of black colors, although te speakers inbuilt are pretty shit, which is still fine for notification sounds and the like, but if you want immersive games or listen to music, you’ll want to wear a headset. It’d say this is a perfect no-frills monitor that will serve you well, but high end gaming device it ain’t. A big con is no display port for future compatibility and no versa mount. If you can get it, there is an identical looking 1440p version of this monitor, I also own it 9only display hooked up to my i7 4770 workstation, replaced the 1080p version which now serves as laptops aux display) and its better in every way, right from oboard audio, to connection options and contrast\sharpness, it goes from middle of the road to high end… there is also a 4k, but I have never seen it.

I have not used that particular veiwsonic either, but 2 years ago the company I worked at bought 1080o60fps LED backlit veiwsonics for a rollout one year and so many died they actually dumped the rest as a tax write off… so I’m typing this on one of them now and can say while its fine, it does a few things at times that tell me it may not last another 2 years, so poor show from veiwsonic. None the less that may not be constant between their lines, and spec wise 144hz with 1ms is pretty radically different to 60hz, especally if you like quick\competitive games like quake or CS:GO (where smoke gets more transparent at high FPS btw). Color reproduction will be sub ideal, but unless your a content creator that won’t be a worry. Also good factory stand which is a versa mount.

The first dell is worth lots more money to buy in the USA or here in AU than the last previous 3, as in $500 vs $300 level, mostly because its 1440p not 1080p. However its also a little more geared towards professionals… which does include some nice things like typically good color accuracy, warranty and long lifespans. Its at the longer of the response times thusfar at 6ms in gaming mode, but its a good color and very bright panel, and I am a little biased towards dell since I have have two 4:3 displays for more than a decade no hiccups, and one is my 2nd monitor while typing this. Thus the price to performance is probably not amazing on the surface, but if you can handle a chunky\heavy box with big bezels, and don’t need 4k or >60hz this will be a truly great looking display, will have well considered menus and a great vesa based mounting arm, and more importantly it will last and last.

The Acer is the same basic LG OEM panel (LM270WQ4) as the 1440p version of the Asus that I mentioned before (it even has a 1080p brother with the same panel as the asus you linked), but with a different controller board (RSCA2 vs the asus’s SSA1). This critically gives a 4ms response time instead of 5ms, but only 97% srgb accuracy vs 100%. Thus this has all the modern features and good 1440p panel, offering excellent price to performance, but lit is a more gamer\consumer originated product not as well suited to content creation.

The LG is much larger than the others, with strong features, but only middle of the road response times (5ms) and while its IPS its got some of the lower color accuracy here other than the TN based veiwsonic. Its 1080p not 1440 based, so even with 21:9 width it is less pixels than the 1440p 16:9 displays (indeed it has the same pixel width), however it will occupy more of your field of view in person. 50-144hz with freesync and all the right display inputs, vesa mounts, plus LG is one of the common panel OEM’s so it will typically be pretty good on dead pixel returns ect, however the middle of the road response and brightness with lower end color recreation (althouhg its actually factory calibrated, so it’ll be centered on the right colors rather than any magenta shift ect, just doesn’t have the range of others) for an IPS display and some noticable backlight bleed mean I’d probably be inclined to one of the cheaper 1440p options.

Ahh the 4k dell… its an amazing display, but the very essence of designed for industry not consumers. Built like a tank but about as user friendly, its price isn’t stupid because this is the version Its not rated for professional color reproduction as the calibration tools don’t work on it, but its still 99.9% sRGB with high dynamic range support. Its also a high brightness, but only average contrast and response time (5ms). Nothing wrong with that, and arguably its worth the extra percentage over the other dell to get 4k, but keep in mind its NOT a gaming display. Its only 60hz and won’t have latency minimizing or hiding features, so in rapid paced shooters, bullet hell or the like will feel that a little. However in games where you have the graphics to run it, 4k is pretty cool, and if you edit images or video its amazing, but that goes for all the displays that feature it (without a curve) not just this one. It can also be a pain in the backside for UI scaling, but thats gotten lots better as its become a bit more widespread\mature. This dell also used 100w of power, and if its anything like the 1080p version I’ve used (that has the exact same box… despite being years older) you’ll feel it if you put you hand close, its like its a CFL, but its not.

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I would never know this much about any of these monitors, and for that knowledge, i can never thank you enough!
The way you put it, i see, my interest has shifted away a bit from the ViewSonic panel over to the Acer and the Dells, mainly the 4k one. Perhaps i was kinda biased, because i had a very good CRT ViewSonic panel in the past, but that’s history.
But like i said before, i don’t really know if a high refresh rate monitor would be worth it for me (i mean, i never bothered about it in the past and still played CS as good as the next guy), perhaps i should pick one of the monitors with higher resolution like the Dells and the Acer.
You commented about sound quality of the speakers on the monitors, if i’m honest, i have a pair of nice speakers and an integrated amp on the setup, i wouldn’t mind the quality of the speakers too much, but its a nice touch!
I guess i’ll have to think about it, read a few more articles and make my choice, i’ll see what waits more and pick something up. One with a vesa mount would be ideal, since i could buy something like this and couple it with a lesser monitor in portrait mode just for comodity and to help with multitasking.

Still can’t decide which one i wanna take home, i keep bouncing back to one spec or another, so confusing…

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