Humble Bundle...waiting...waiting...frown of dissapointment

Humble bundle this week,

bit of a downer huh?

I can't say I even considered pressing the purchase button. Unfortunately, they didn't sell this one very well. Hopefully next time we will see an improvement.

You're one of those bandwagoners who took advantage of the THQ bundle aren't you. The games are just an incentive to donate, it's not a store. I'd pay $5 for 30 flights of loving by itself on steam, but i'll gladly give my $15 to a specific humblebundle (which i do just about every month) if i see something in it that i want to play. I feel like the THQ thing opened it up to a bunch of leeching complainers, "oh there's no AAA titles here, i won't give the dollar i was going to pay regardless of the contents of the bundle because htheres no good games", it's charity don't complain.

I'd say yes I am but no I'm not. I've been donating to Humble Bundle for quite a long while now, when only Indie games were available. And I wasn't expecting AAA titles, I was complaining about the fact that Humble Bundle haven't sold the games very well. (And I give £30 every week, and I'm not a leeching teenager, I'm in my late 30's and am anything but leeching)

You don't have to buy every bundle every week if you don't want to and buying these games doesn't have to be such a moral dilemma. Just save whatever you were going to donate that week and add it to a week when they have games you are interested in.

Or the alternative, donate anyway and give away the games you aren't interested in.