Humble Bundle True price

Just for the heads up to those buying a humble bundle.

I just calculated the price for the above-average-donation humble bundle, which is at 4.85 at this point, you are getting $267.48 worth of games, if my calculations are correct.. This price is based on the current price at both Origin (which is having sales on most of these games) and Steam. If the discounts are not to be accounted for, then you've just purchased $444.13 worth of games. Don't miss this chance!

Didn't miss it :D Always wanted to try out Dead Space and BF3

And the Origin experience is priceless.

Yeah, had to crack BF3 to play it without that trojan stealing my processor.


i would pay full price if in exchange origin stoped existing



I have been trying to download bf3 for 3 days now but it always pauses.

If at the end you're cracking it, what's the point of buying it for battlefield?

It was doing that for me to i had to close origin and restart origin to get the download to continue its works but its bloody  annoying doing this every 10/20mins 

hasnt paused on me yet

It dosent allways tell you its paused it will look like its still going the only way i noticed is becase i have a netspeedmonitor allways running in the taskbar.

I am gessing thats why its takeing days/weeks for some people becase the download is actualy fast (when its working) i was maxing my download at 3.5mb/s thats as fast as my internet can download

I haven't had any trouble with BF3 pausing.  In fact, it downloaded at double the speed I was promised by my ISP. Granted it still took me around 60 hours to complete, which was expected due to my slow connection.

Origin lies about its speed.

The other day it said it was downloading faster then the speed my modem is allocated, and I was watching a real time bandwidth graph on my router (tomato firmware) and it was way faster on origin than what my router was reporting.

i have a 12mbps Satalite internet (with free 12-5am local). 

steam will download at 1.5-2+MB/s. 

origin will download at 100-200KB/s.  it takes almost a week of download durring the 12-5 time to get a single game. 

my satalite internet 'lands' in central colorado.  does anyone in colorado have a problem with origin being slow while steam is fast?

I download from origin at around 5MB/s. no freezes. No pausing. No trouble from Origin. With any of my seven games. (Rocking 50mb/s speeds)