Humble Bundle Store Launched!

(EDIT: I edited this a little bit so it's a bit more informative, fun to read, and so it has more links and commentaries.)

The Humble Bundle Store is here! It's the first day it's opened, and because of this special occasion it's offering discounts between 50%, 66%, and 75% depending on the title!

Don't Starve - 7.49$ USD (50% off!) *DRM-free*, Steam key, works on Windows (duh), Linux and Mac.

Chivalry - 6.25$ USD (75% off!), Steam key, works on Windows (duh)

Natural Selection - 6.25$ USD (75% off!), Steam key, works on Windows (duh), Linux

Orcs Must Die - 6.25$ USD (75% off!), Steam key, works on Windows (duh)

Obviously, these are some pretty sweet deals, and 10% of the sale price goes to the follow charities: American Red Cross, Child's Play Charity, Electronic Frontier Foundation, World Land Trust, and charity:water. 75% of the money goes to the game's creator, and 15% go for "Humble Tip". You save money, you help your favorite charity. Everybody wins.

Here's the link, if you're interested.

Please *NOTE* : here you're buying *individual* games, not a whole bundle. The bundle deals are temporary, the store however will offer discounts and will be available on a regular basis. So you can just hop on the Humble Store and help charities, while you also buy awesome games that work on many platforms. Think of this as a huge discount game store that sells online keys and that helps charities on the side, that's all.

More info as reported by Overclockers Club here:

And this YouTube video:

So now, massive discounts AND giving money to useful charities (like EFF, to protect the very thing that allows the Tek to exist in the first place!) for the games we want. It's like a Steam Sale, except it's all year 'round.

I think I'm gonna open a bottle of Brazilian Cachaca to celebrate this one, and make myself some caipirinhas! I'll drink to that. A toast to cheaper games, and helping charities! Cheers!

Are they still giving steam keys?

In the Humble Store, they aren't exactly "giving" Steam Keys. They're letting you buy them. But yes, the games on that store did come with Steam Keys from what I saw, or at the very least were "Steam-compatible".

The DRM-free games make me question how they get it to work. I think they offer a game download AND Steam Key, because Steam is DRM-locked.

nope, they've completely moved to their retarded "no, we have to redirect you all around the internet to validate a game on steam" system, which only compounds the retard when they give you a drm free copy as well

Looks good I suppose. However, I will still probably use steam due to convenience.

Yes, the Humble Bundle really sucks now with their new system. 

The worst part is that in every communication they claim that they are "helping you with a more convenient 'one-click' system." The new system requires multiple logins, and even if you have Steam open, you still must find your password and log into the forum to get the the damn keys to work. I really regret buying the last one with Batman Arkham City. 

I just hate that they made the system more complex and then rape you with sarcastic remarks like this. The whole experience makes me question if they really are giving any of this to charity at all. Usually the non-profit sector avoids scam-like behavior. I do not think I can buy another Humble bundle again. And that sucks, because I buy most of them.

"one click"

  • purchace
  • go to email
  • go back to humble
  • go to steam
  • log into steam
  • go back to email because steam doesn't recognize your browser that you used an hour ago
  • go back to steam
  • hit allow for the eighth time

i just got Antichamber for $5.99! Woop!

definitely a great deal =)