Humble Bundle Steam keys up for grabs. (mirrors edge is all that remains)

Alrite so I completely forgot I received steam keys with my humble bundle I am not gonig to use them so they are up for grabs. here are the games I will update which ones have been taken as I send the corrisponding key. 

 All that is left is MIRROR'S EDGE

Dead Space (taken)

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (taken)

Crysis 2 Maximum Edition (taken)

Medal of Honor(taken)

Mirror's Edge


** Important** Please post in the forum which game you want to receive. This will make it easy to trackwhat is is available. One game per person.

Hi:D ty for the giveaway! i'd like Dead space or Mirror's edge:)

hello, i will talke burnout paradise , and mirror's edge if possible

command & conquer or crysis 2 (or both)

Hello, Medal of Honor, ty

Hello, Medal of Honor, ty

Mirros Edge?

its all yours just send me a message. 

Hey man, I can give you: 

The Showdown Effect Steam Key

Warlock Steam Key

Dungeonland Steam Key
Leviathan: Warships Steam Key
War of the Roses: Kingmaker Steam Key
Europa Universalis 3 Complete Steam Key

In exchange for mirrors edge, just pick the ones you like! If you are cool answer me back. As a matter of fact i will add you in steam and wait for your answer. 


So, deal or not deal?

Hello, i'd like the Mirror's Edge please. Thanks.

i would like mirrors edge as my brother bugs me to play it because he did and said its great


Mirrors edge would be a great addition to my game library. thanks