Humble bundle game code giveaway - is this allowed?



I have bought the EA humble bundle, and claimed all the games on steam.... I was just wondering, am I allowed to giveaway all of the other game codes (the origin ones), or is this not allowed? It's for charity and all (although I gave 100% to Humble bundle themselves), so I don't really want to rip it off.....






Ok, here are the codes, It's like $2 worth of stuff! Haha... FIrst in first served, though, you should think about donating/ buying the humble bundle yourself... These are all ORIGIN codes btw. And let me know once you've activated them so that I can remove them from the thread... Not sure whether Origin would like the codes being used a lot, they might lock the game or something...


DEAD SPACE:                       BZJA-26LC-JB8S-62MH-VJ37


CRYSIS 2:                             26ZZ-HR2Q-3EN7-VCA4-48UG

DEAD SPACE 3:                   D2CU-F7A6-ECZW-ELAR-GUYU

MEDAL OF HONOUR:           5UQG-ZW28-9R4H-TE54-W9PN

MIRRORS EDGE:                 4W3T-6AEG-C2VR-VWAF-U8RV

BATTLEFIELD 3:                 4TDV-CMHZ-7ELU-5PDM-P5NP


So let me know if you use one, or if you try one and it doesn't work please. 


Already been doing it lol..

Haha... Yeah, I've seen. Meh, it won't hurt anyone.... I will Post them in about an hour (in this forum post) - first in first served.