google it and read up, if you already have then you will be like me,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45960087,d.d2k&fp=ac82de2c2892f050&biw=1440&bih=799

half hopefull and half skeptical

If this delivers what its supposed to then a few years from now they could be calling the the thing that helped amd win the cpu arms race against intel... and it did it by making the cpu largely irrelevant.

things like the cpu bottlenecking a gpu will just become a thing of the past.

It's just a shame this is happening so late in the game though, if I didnt know better I would feel like this was intentionally kept back.

Waiting to hear back from the intelligent people on this board :)

No amd or intel fanboyizm (or even arm... if it exists :P)

Just go read a bit from the google link and then post your comments.

I think this shows what they knew they were going to do with the APU's right from the begining, otherwise they wouldnt have called it that.

this tells me that they are going to be intergrating gpu's into all of their processors eventually. I mean, why would they reserve all this potential performance for their apu's? which are not renowned for performance.

The potential for massive parallel workloads on Opertron apu's in the future could destroy intel in the server market.

Intel is moving towards low power consumption, and AMD towards combining the cpu and gpu into a completeley new type of processor. The next few years will be very interesting indeed.

and then there is arm...

they dont really have to do much beyond incremental speed bump / core increase... their cpu is extremely fit for purpose as is with no great changes required.

Intel seem to be just trying to shrink x86 down as far as it will go to try and make it viable in the phone / tablet market... if any company can pull it off its intel, they can throw crazy money / man hours at it to make it succeed.

the pros for them are that they get to extend the x86 life a lot longer, the cons are that they arent really innovating as they are just maintaining the status quo.

AMD's newest low-power APUs supposedly beat Intel at performance/watt, which is what tablet manufacturors are looking for.

Just..... none of those have actually come out yet.