Hulu Blocking VPN's

I like to watch Hulu its a great alternative to TV and i don't mind the ads. After i signed up for my VPN Hulu is giving me messages that they block users that use a vpn. Does anyone know a way to get around this? I tried an extension called hola that works occasionally.

Try switching to a different exit node in a different city.

Hulu is owned by big media corps like Disney& NBC Universal & 21st Century Fox ... and as we all know big media corps do not like VPNs ... I think VPN services will be targeted more in the near future.

If this is true (it lets me onto their website, but I don't have an account), and given all their adverts I would just get my content elsewhere, vote with your wallet. If they don't want your custom then there are plenty of alternatives out there that will work with your VPN and don't have any adverts in them.

It's sad to see them whinge about the internet, streaming and piracy and whatnot, then go pull these shenanigans and basically tell you they don't want your money...

Unfortunately there aren't many alternatives that have next day access to television shows.

They do this for legal reasons, and because they are required to. They can only service (legally) some parts of the world, and their streaming to other parts of the world is illegal. (I'm looking at you, China). They are blocking VPN access to keep people from those countries from getting onto the service. And they have every right to do that, and are probably (Like I said before) required to by law, or to prevent a lawsuit.

I am skeptical of that, there are DNS servers which allow you to bypass their region-blocking, I wonder if those two are blocked as I understand they are more commonly used, and much simpler to use (especially with things like a tv or xbox or whatever).

Also don't they still accept foreign credit cards, since the number responds to the location, it is not that hard for them to block this on whatever payment system they use. I am skeptical of this. Anyway if they dom't want peoples money that is their choice. Netflix is in the same boat and they don't do this.

Is it only when you are logged in and go to watch something, because without logging in I can see everything fine. With netflix for instance it gives you a 'we don't service your area' without using a service to bypass the restriction.

No I wasn't logged in, so it's them banning the ip.

They screwed up such a good thing. Sniff