HUGE Cryptocurrency Startup Opprtunity. More enclosed

People know I've been in crypto for a long time, and I tend to be a skeptical curmudgeon. I'm cursed with some defect that compels me to try and keep greater fools attached to their money.

There's not much that's good anyone can say about crypto, but I think I've finally found a project (besides Bitcoin and the Rare Pepe Registry) that I can get behind.

L1 forums, I give you:

There's no referral scams, no extraordinary claims, and most of all, no unfair premine. I recommend all of you check it out.


Titan owners should get an automatic 20% hash rate increase. Because, well, obviously, epeen.

You're laughing now, but penisium is a long hold. When the dust settles from the ICO bubble, e-peen will be all that's left.


i feel like this will be successful on name alone