Hi guy's this is my first time asking a inbox.exe question but I'm sure it's a good one.

On Monday 1st October Tesco launch there new NUDL* Tablet. Now what I would like to know if how good is it and is it good value for money.


It has a Quad Core 1.5GHz Processor, 16GB Memory and is running Android software.

Reason I'm asking this is I want a Tablet for Battlefield 4 but my Girlfriend won't take lightly to me taking over her iPad 2 for the duration of my gaming nights.

Will this be support what I need for the Commander side of Battlefield 4?


I didn't follow the Commander part of BF4 at all BUT.

Are you sure it isn't a dedicated job to be done by a BF4 windows client who is NOT currently playing the game, i would guess so...

I am not familiar with Tesco as a company, so my first concern was around how and if software updates would be handled. But for that price you might as well just buy a new one if you don't get the KitKat upgrade, one concern is still security updates.

After some more digging (because I was curious) I realized why they didn't specify the amount of RAM in the official spec. If what I read (from one source) it only has 1GB of RAM. That might be a bit on the low end if you are going to do gaming on it.

Personally I would save up a bit more money and buy the new Nexus 7; better spec + lifetime software updates.


Well I brought one today and I'm impressed with it so far. All I can bash it on is responce time when trying to flick between 3 or more apps as it has to think a little first.

What's the Spec of a iPad 2? I know it has a A5 Processor and the HUDL* has a A9 APU. Also how does it compare to a iPhone 4S spec wise?

According to wikipedia the iPad 2 has 512MB of RAM and a PowerVR for graphics.

But you can't really compare it to the iPad 2. First its got a lot less pixels to move around on the screen, but iOS is also very good at hiding perceivable flaws, like showing the user a cached image of the app UI from when it was last suspended while the real one is loading in the background [citation needed] or not tell the user when things crash.

So judging performance with the naked eye between them would be like comparing apples with... well... androids :p


But even though I try to be unbiased on this topic, because of my employer I'm probably still biased towards android, so don't take my sole word for the above comparison ;)

That's fine, your point is fair. I've been using it today and Battlelog has had an update to it.

The only problem is I can't connect to any servers for the Battlefield 4 Beta. I've tried loads of things they have suggested but no luck.

It's day one so I wasn't expecting it to be problem free. I have almost all day tomorrow to hopefully fix my problems.

I was all for the iOS before I found out about this tablet. It's hand to keep the kids entertained but I worry because my 7 year old Daughter is 'Very' handy with these types of devices and my 4 year old son isn't fare behind.