Huawei P8 Expansion

I have the Huawei P8. The phone has 16GB of internal storage, but because I like to load videos onto my phone, I'd like to get ample external storage. According to Huawei, the P8 can hold up to 128GB of extra storage via MicroSD. Is it advisable to go for the maximum, or will the performance become unstable when pushing it that high?

Either way, which MicroSD manufacturer do you recommend and what do the different classes mean?

Thanks in advance.

The P8 can go up toe 128GB, it won't hurt the stability, though when it is full it might take longer to boot as it needs to scan all that for whatever, or the app you use to play media might take longer to boot.

SanDisk is a good manufacture of SD cards. Learn to use google to find out what the classes mean (hint, it can be found on google, if it isn't it's on bing).