Can’t boot Linux distro…

Hello, I just built my first PC with the Asus ROG Z490-I motherboard. I am trying to install a Linux distro by booting it with a USB Drive, but I can’t seem to. Specifically I am trying to install Manjaro, but passed the screen with the install OS button all what I get is a blank screen. I did some research (I mainly follow that link you see on the title) and apparently what I get the gist here is that I need to disable secure boot by clearing the keys and enable the CSM launcher (I tried both Legacy and UEFI boot and neither work). I can’t seem to find any more information on this passed that. Any help?

You might need to disable Secure Boot but there is absolutely no reason to turn on CSM. Turn that crap off.

Any Linux distro built in the last five years can do a UEFI boot.

You need to be sure the USB drive is FAT32 formatted and not exFAT or NTFS. Which in turn means it needs to be smaller than 32 GB.

I don’t believe you need to mess w/ keys to disable secure boot. Take a look at the very last post in the title thread, it’s likely the correct answer.

Manjaro does not support secure boot, but does support UEFI Do I NEED to disable Secure Boot? - Installation & Boot - Manjaro Linux Forum