HTTPS Everywhere and Twitch

Interested little bug I found today. I have been using both HTTPS Everywhere and Twitch for almost a year with no issue. About a week ago I visited and the site didn't load properly. I thought it was an issue with the site so I went on about my day. Went back a few days later to the same issue so I did a bit of trouble shooting and found if I removed HTTPS Everywhere Chrome Extension the site works fine but if I add it back the site crashes again. I tried it on my wife's computer as well and had the same result. So if you have been having trouble with, HTTPS Everywhere might be the cause.

EDIT: I found out how to fix it. Go to twitch, click the HTTPS Everywhere icon in the right of the URL bar, uncheck

cant you just disable it for

Yeah that fixed it.

So in short, Twitch can't even offer clean URL's for it's content, besides using dangerous and underperforming flash video for the sake of tight DRM... pretty sad for such a popular site. I guess Twitch must have something against internet security...

I just checked, on mobile devices, with https or KB SSL, Twitch works, both on flash for android and pepper. So that means that their intentions are evil. It has probably got everything to do with their newly discovered adoration for Microsoft's XBone.

Glad I don't have flash on my PC though, one less problem to worry about...

Just noticed that Twitch streams in a very inefficient way, with hardly any advanced compression. That's just nuts in this day and age.

Not only that but if twitch detects you are on a VPN it will refuse to let you login to your account.

I had an experience like this with HTTPS Everywhere. On Rdio if you have HTTPS Everywhere on. The background of the player stops showing the art work.

Example - Rdio with HTTPSE on -

Rdio with HTTPSE off -