I am new to Linux (decided to finally jump after seeing TekSyndicate's video/challenge to use it). I decided to go with Ubuntu 14.10 with GNOME. So far I truly am loving it and agree with the statement that things "just work" and how come all PC's don't work like this. I am running this on my HTPC I built awhile ago and was wondering if there are any suggestions on a "Media Center" for Linux that will also support the HTPC case (IR/Display/Buttons).

I thank you for any of the input in advance!

Kodi and Plex are both good choices for HTPC software. You can find a comparison here:

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Media center software? Kodi is the defacto standard in media centers. Should support IR/Buttons, might take a little research to get the display functioning though.

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I use Kodi. Not to sure about the ir/disply/buttons. Since you can control Kodi with almost anything. Phone, tablet, potatoe :)~ There is more than likely a way.

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There is a Plex pluggin for Kodi so it connect to a Plex Server. Best of both worlds

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Potatoe?!? Now you're speaking my language! I'm of Irish descent, and well kinda your stereo type HAHA.

Thank you for the input!

I have been using Yaste for the remote but there may be newer solutions by now.

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I am mainly trying to figure out the display, since I don't know which box I put the remote in :)

You have me stumped there. I opt for stealth since i already have too many blinking colors from all the running gear.

I am normally the same way, but in this instance, I have a very nice ThermalTake HTPC case that has a lit up LCD that shows nothing besides backlight. I figure, if I am going to have it on, I might as well use it.

I suppose I could unplug it, but I wouldn't mind it working. I have been reading a bunch of threads, and just getting stupped along the way.

See if you can figure out exactly the display's name make and model number and start googling. I have to work on my pvr because someone's actually wants to watch tv in my house. ( The horror ! )

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That is part of the reason I am setting this thing up as well. I am trying to find the services that are stand alone for some of the shows I watch. As of late, there are more and more networks that are offering this, or other services offering for them. THIS makes me extremely happy.