HTPC with Blu Ray



I am building a HTPC, My only concern is how can i play movies at 1920x1080 resolution, and fill the screen of the 40" Sony Bravia screen.


My parts List,

MSI FM2-035 Mobo

AMD A-10-5800k

geForce 650ti 2GB. 

16GB Ballistix Tatctical


aslong as the TV is 1080p, your PC will recognize it as a 1080p display and will automatically adapt the 1920x1080 resolution once you have display drivers installed.

Other than that, you may have to change a setting on your TV to adjust how the image is displayed like on my LG 39" I have to change a setting from "16:9" to "Just Scan" for it to display properly.

You can play movies in 1920x1080 quite simply. You just need the movie itself to be in that resolution. 

Your parts list calls some things to question though. Do you really need 16GB of RAM? If you are going to use this as just a htpc, you'd be better off saving some money and using only 4 or 8GB. Furthermore, you are putting a GPU in with an APU, which is a CPU with a GPU. Either just get an APU or use something like the Athlon X4 760K, a quad core CPU compatible with the FM2 motherboard you have chosen, and a dedicated GPU like the one you listed. Furthermore, you seem to be missing a PSU, a HDD or SSD and a case.

That build is both imbalanced and overkill.

Something like this would be better for your money:

With that, you could even slap a Wi-Fi card and a TV tuner in there and have yourself a fiesta. Just add-on WMC and record whatever you want off the TV, stream whatever you want from whatever service, and surf the web from the convenience of your armchair.

Get some 2x4GB DDR3-1866 or higher clocked memory, remove the GPU, and perhaps pick up an SSD.

This was my part list


I appreciate the feedback

All i need from this build, is Blu Ray play and stream!

$800 for a bluray player?

This would do the job a lot cheaper.

My first custom rig had a 5670 in it and I used a 40 inch Toshiba LCD as my monitor, all 1080p videos ran just fine. However I recommend using an HDMI, some manufacturers offer DVI or display port but the firmware sucks. Also all you will ever need is 4 gb for that rig, and the Athlon would be more than enough, good call william123098. You might want to consider the gtx 750 or 750 ti as well, you will be much happier with both, better performance and less power draw. With that combo of RAM, CPU, and GPU, it would be a solid little steam machine as well. 

Okay I just looked at your parts list, DO NOT pay $150 for last generation tech when you can currently get the Asus GTX 750 ti on Newegg for $9 bucks more.