HTPC / Steam box m-itx build

Some help choosing a CPU cooler would be great. Also if people want to recommend a different mobo I'm all ears. I keep seeing builds with the 250D case with a 240mm rad installed but it's super tight and loses the 5.25 drive bay, wondering if a 120mm rad would give back the drive bay and some room.

  • With a 65W CPU you might not need a different cooler
  • That motherboard is fine
  • At just over $200 I would suggest getting an R9 270 rather than a 750 Ti. It costs a little more, but it's a lot more powerful.
  • A 5.25 drive will fit regardless if there is a radiator or not. The radiator actually goes on the side of the case rather than the top.

The grill on the side is where the radiator/fans mount. The picture with all the computer guts is actually a view from the top looking straight down.

 So the graphics card goes on one side and the radiator/fans go on the other (the thick bezel on the right side is the front of the case):

The Noctua NH-L9a is a pretty good low profile cooler should you get a cooler

Oh yeah look at that the drive fits with the rad. 

That noctua would have been my first choice but with that window on the case it's a tough call to show off that shit brown colour scheme. I suppose it will probably be tucked away anyway, but it would be nice to have a coolet looking one. 

Notua did show off different colored fans forever ago but there's still no word on them. You can keep an eye out for those