HTPC/small form factor thread

if you get a hardon for small form factor PCs then this is the thread for you

I want to see what kind of builds you can come up with wether its with in a certain budget or unlimited budget, be as wild as you want

for m-atx 2011 with super overclockablity


for mini-itx 2011 and slight overclockability

just take it out of the case, currently one of the ONLY mini-ITX 2011 boards out there


1155 and FM2 is cool too


I really like the small form factors, it makes everything more challenging and exciting. However in  my country, I can barely get a good ATX case for a decent price, and let's not talk about watercooling. So I am still far away from all of this.

doesn't have to be, you can do builds just current available tech, doesn't matter if its in your country, kinda like a what if you uber rich

Why not just get a Raspberry Pi for 35 bucks or whatever and load XBMC to that, add a powered USB hub, hook up external HDDs for video storage + load Netflix/Hulu onto XBMC. Way cheaper, just a thought, I plan to do this when I am not busy building a LiteCoin mining machine.

"power in the pint sized form facter"