HTPC build

I’m thinking of building a HTPC for 4k video. I have a GTX960. Would any CPU do? And how much ram would it need?

Whats your goal with this build? just streaming?
the nvidia shield supports 4k and will cost a lot less I think then building a pc with a gtx 960 etc.
And probably less heat/noise etc

Streaming plus DVR I have most of parts from older builds just not sure if there is a CPU / ram requirement.

check this link and this
last article mentions 4th gen i5 or i7 first article mentions a dual core i7.
In general cpu isn’t that important, for RAM I’d think around 4gigs would already be more then enough.
You could also look at the plex client requirements as a reference, dual core and 2gb minimum.
Most of the work is done by the server so I wouldn’t worry too much about this.

I have actually just upgraded my HTPC earlier this year (My HTPC Upgrade). I am running an i5 4570, a Radeon HD 7950 Boost and 8 GB of DDR3. It is easily able to handle 4k playback. If thats all you wanna do almost any modern CPU will be sufficient and you could maybe even get away with 4 GB of RAM depending on your operating system.

You don’t actually need a separate GPU at all; skylake and later intel CPUs can even decode h.265 in hardware. All modern AMD APUs can do it too. If you don’t need to store a bunch of disks, I would buy a SFF or mini refurb off eBay. You can get a lot more computer than you think for very little money there.

If you do need a bunch of disks, I would probably build a 2200G machine. Or buy the mini and a separate NAS.