HTML/CSS/Javascript hot to make a slideshow images

I've quite new to building websites and I am about to make a slideshow with controls, a sliding effect and a fancy border/frame. I have googled and googled but not found any simple guide on how to do it. I would prefer one with javascript as I don't know much about jquery at all. 


I have found serveral "complete" slides already, should these be avoided or is it stupid to invent the wheel twice?

I am in the same situation. lol.

Its pretty useless to invent the wheel twice in this situation. If you're attempting to stay away from jquery just because you don't want to learn it and be completely on your own, you're just hindering yourself. JQuery is becoming something every developer that is even remotely involved in Web Development should know. JQuery IS Javascript. Its just an extension script essentially with premade functions that save you LOADS of time. 

I myself love making my own things from scratch, but when it comes to the web there are reasons jquery has taken off. It has animations premade in it, it makes your life easier. Making things from scratch isn't suppose to be hard, its suppose to be fun. When it comes to the point that you hit a brick wall. It stops being fun. So learn jquery. Its worth it.

Flexslider has been my go-to for most of the websites I've made. The homepage has a simple copy+paste tutorial that walks you through the basics. I don't think it gets much more basic than that. Might be a good introduction to some jquery basics while you're at it :)

are you using a cms ?

I downloaded this and it worked extremely well. Quite simple to get a basic understanding of how it works to customize it to your needs.