Htgpc (home theater gaming pc)

I'm looking into building a home theater gaming pc any ideas on any and all parts for it. Especially graphics card and cpu. My price point is about $700 but I would like to keep it around $575 to $600. I plan on doing plenty of gaming as well as watching blu rays and Netflix/YouTube. I would like it to be as powerful if not more so than Xbox or PS4. I hate consoles.

I think this goes in "Build a Pc Section", mate.

Tower only:

If you can add in a ~120GB SSD, that's be really good as well.

oh sorry about posting this in the wrong section. Thank you very much for the help will that video card provide as good graphics as a ps4 or xbox one? everything you wanted @ $600 

WOW man thank you very much I really appreciate the help!!!!!!!

650 is not enough bro......

650 will run great. it may not play bf4 at 1080p 60 fps ultra, but it will do better than the xbone plus with the 8320 700w psu and 8gb ddr3 he has many upgrade options

I doubt that. a 650 might match up with the xbone. For instance a 650ti gets 30 FPS on 1080p high. I assume the xbone runs in a medium-high hybrid 720p 60FPS, i dont know if droping to 720p and some settings to medium will get it to 60 FPS stable

you would be supprised how uch dropping 2 720p actually raises fps. in my experience dropping 2 720p will rise your fps atleast 20 fps

in any case it would still only match the xbone at best. He wants something more powerful. He can pay 15$ more than that 650 and get a 7870:

well then, its his choice

so ur saying to go with the 7870? should I keep the rest of the parts that he recommended? again I appreciate the help.

Here is what i would get:

Not trying to toot my horn or anything but you should use the build i posted as a basis (its a little over 600 but you stated you could go up to 700), motherboard is a bit subjective in what features you want. you can also change the HDD/CD Drive to fit your needs

7870 is a much better deal

you all have been very helpful I cant thank you enough. I cant wait to get started.

Its a pretty awesome experience. I just built my PC last week.