HTC VIVE: now, soon or later? [ POLL ADDED ]

I was thinking about using a curtain rail with some 3d printed loops for the cable.

Any source to back that up? if that’s the case i might aswell buy one now.

Nothing I have on hand, but that’s what I’ve read in various places.

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When I tried the Vive, the games, resolution and screen door left me unimpressed. I was very afraid of tripping over the cables. There were a few times when I achieved ‘Total Immersion’ and I was surprised that it worked. But it felt like playing GTA V on a 5 year old GPU. Compromises were made.

What really impressed me was Tilt Brush 3D drawing. I used to do 3D engineering and immediately saw that that ‘killer app’ for VR will be CAD. Once HTC releases the cost-is-no-object Wireless Vive Pro, the Vive 2 for us mere mortals will be much better and cheaper.

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This was the main reason I sold mine when it was still worth bout what I paid for it. The SDE for me being the main limiting factor as it made playing proper titles more of a chore. The cable wasn’t a problem and the tracking and controllers were far better than I was expecting.

I was fine with the bundled “demos” and anything that used that sort of simplistic graphical style and actually my fav game was Minecraft as it was truly immersive being the character and seeing first person and swinging the controller to mine if you wanted. Again though the simplistic graphical style suited the lens and screen resolution limitations.

I’ll wait for the Vive 2 etc. with hopefully wireless transmission. I have no issue with a small power pack or belt battery etc. to get that.

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You guys should try Lone Echo if you haven’t already, it works fine with revive, it’s one of the most immersive VR games I’ve played.

Please answer the poll to get things straight.


I say save your money and wait for later. You’ll have a better experience. I’ve had a Vive since the release and I was disappointed with the optics like many others. The deluxe audio strap and the aftermarket pads that you can buy make it more comfortable to use but that doesn’t fix the optics. At very least, wait until the Vive ships with the new Knuckle controllers that are in beta right now. They will only work with the new base stations since they have been redesigned to use a new chip, less hardware, and are cheaper to produce.


I’m waiting for the a review of the retail version of Pixmax 8K but I alredy hate the name as the most commonly bought version will be the 1440p upscaled to 2 x UHD LCD panels. Anyway it’s the result of using 2 x UHD LCD panels on SDE that I’m most interested in as the input can be only 720p as far as I’m concerned so long as the actual physical makeup of the screens doesn’t introduce annoying visual artifacts. Like the current crop of headsets.

I was also really interested I the direct retinal projection headsets like the Avegant Glyph as a way round all those screen issues but they don’t seem to be getting the required development.

If one fo those comes up cheap sometime I may buy one out of curiosty for some light media streaming etc.

For watching movies I think even the current pimax would be great. From what I’ve heard the SDE is either non existent or very minor.

Just bought a Glypth on a whim so at least I’ve got somethign to play with while waiting for the VR stuff to mature. More curious than anything about the direct retinal projection.

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You realize the forum has a built in poll option

Looked for it, for like 10sec’s couldn’t find it, got lazy.

ps i-am blind

So Linus got a beta review of the Pimax 8K. His impressions seem to be that he likes where its going but there are obviously some rough edges on the beta still. He complained it gave him vertigo while other headsets don’t.

It seems that something better than the VIVE may be a little ways off. I’m torn because I really would like to get into the tech but don’t want to be disappointed with the results if its half baked.

For me, my kids are begging for either VR or a Nintendo Switch this year… based on what I’m seeing here, the kids may enjoy the switch more.