HTC VIVE: now, soon or later? [ POLL ADDED ]

I-am planning on buying the HTC VIVE,
However its 700 Euro’s at the moment and that’s just a little to much.
(I-am not going to buy the OCULUS, please don’t mention it in this topic)

So i was wondering if you guys think there’ll be a discount on Christmas?
Or if the VIVE 2 will come out soon.
Or if i should just buy it now.

For 600,- i’d buy it, for 700,- probably not.
I know there was a deal earlier this year where you get a free RX480 4GB with purchase of a VIVE.
(probably not going to happen again).

I got my whole living room to use for roomscale so VIVE is a must. (or vive 2?)
I have used the VIVE for half an hour on vacation in Berlin and i loved it!

What are your thoughts on this?


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I’m only here to say that I’m in the same boat and am interested in this topic and what others have to say on it. :grin:

If you’re going to get the Vive then there’s no reason not to get it now, they won’t have a new one out for a while. The pimax 5K and 8K are coming out soon and they may be decent, they use the same tracking as the vive so the hardware will be compatible.

I used to have a rift until it broke and then I got a vive. I can say that right now the rift is the better choice, the software, games and controllers are much better, the tracking and headsets are fairly comparable. But as you say you don’t want a rift.

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Honestly I would wait for the vive 2 or go for something else like @Dexter_Kane mentioned. I am kinda disappointed in mine. The optics are just not that great. Have you used one before? If not I would try it out to see if its really what you want. If you could get a used one for really cheap or wait for a sale it might be worth but even at the $599 I can get it for in the states it doesnt seem worth to me.

I personally have used the Vive. I’m waiting for the next generation of VR because while this generation is ok, I feel like the bump in resolution combined with the inevitable increases in GPU horsepower will bring it to the level it needs to be at.

The first generation of a technology tends to not be as refined, and lack features the second generation has that make it go from “neat” to “worthwhile” imo.

The “screen door” effect isn’t that significant on the Vive (I think it’s on the edge of solving that problem), but it is still noticeable.

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That was the very first thing I noticed when I got mine. I was kinda let down by it.

I’m hoping the higher resolution displays of the new pimax will solve that, because that’s the biggest issue for me. The only way it wouldn’t be noticeable in the vive or the rift is if you had pretty bad eyesight and didn’t wear glasses. When things are moving and the game uses the right colours then you can ignore it pretty easily but you will always be able to see it.

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The other problem I have with the vive is I can never get 100% of the lense in focus, which makes peripheral vision basically non existent. I’m interested in the pimax but I have no idea how it would work with my current hardware.

This was less of a problem for me due to my wearing glasses.

I don’t have peripheral vision to begin with, so noticing this stuff would be impossible for me.

Man, I need to get Intra-Ocular Contact Lenses. One day I won’t need glasses, and that’s just gonna be the best thing ever.

I do too but the weight of the headset meant that it gets pretty uncomfortable if I wear them so I try to put in contacts when using it.

I’ve never had the chance to try VR, so don’t take my opinion too seriously.

Nonetheless, I am personally waiting for more games, software support, higher resolution, and possibly wireless operation. While the wireless may be quite a ways off, I think the next generation can definitely bring the quality up to a point where the device would be worth it.

Just my 2 cents.

I have football shaped eyes (astigmatism), so contact lenses are not something I’m able to use. I find my glasses fit just fine in the Vive.

Yeah the the lenses warp the image to put more of the display in the center, so the central area appears clearer at the expense of the edges. The rift does this better but at the cost of lower vertical FOV. The rift seems much clearer even though they both use the same resolution display, but the glare on the rift is much harder to ignore than the glare on the vive. On the rift it feels like a smudge on the lens which drove me nuts.

This is another key factor I’m waiting for as well.

Wireless 802.11ad (which some routers already support, even if they’re almost $500) can push 5 Gigabits per second, but only in line of sight (no walls).

This is the holy grail of wireless video transfer, for TVs, and for Virtual Reality imo.

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Of all the things I dislike about the vive, the cord is at the bottom of the list. Sometimes it does get in the way but I never find myself tripping over it. Then theres those retractable cord solutions too.

Yes in berlin, as posted in the Original post :wink:

Some wide range of opinions and facts,
Very interesting.

Keep in mind that as i said, i think 700,- is a bit much and i doubt that the possibly wireless VIVE2 will be less than that.

And i don’t wear glasses or lenses (but that’s me).

Does anyone think there’ll be a discount? Christmas?

That’s nice to hear?,
I was thinking of mounting the cable to the ceiling as my ceiling is 2.6Meters high.
With some sort of railing system.

2nd generations tend to be cheaper than the first due to adoption rates. Also, production is standardized usually so is more efficient

Not sure if VR is going to do this, but I’d hope.

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Is there any possibly real news or thoughts on a new release?
Or if it’ll be worth the wait.

I would expect the vive2 to cost basically the same as the first one at launch, which should drop the first one to $300-$400.

Also this is what I was thinking about for the cable on mine but I just dont have that much of a problem with it.

Won’t be for at least another year, maybe two