HTC one or Nexus 5?

So my iPhone 4 is feeling a little ancient these days and I am sick of Apple's BS like having to use iTunes. I am going to get a new phone in the next few weeks but I know very little about Android. The HTC one seems like it has my attention right now, tech specs are good and I like their speakers. But then I hear good things about the N5 too, but it lacks the sweet speakers and doesn't look as good IMO, but the specs are right up there.

I guess I'm just asking if people like their HTC one or Nexus 5, and if there is any reason to choose one over the other.


HTC One.

As an owner of both phones, I obviously prefer my Nexus 5 for custom software things (ROMs, radios, kernels). If you're a developer it would be your best bet.

But if you are a normal user, wanting battery life over CPU horsepower, the HTC One is the best option. The build itself, the feel in the hand, and the unrivaled the sound abilities make it a compelling option. Other things like color accuracy and pixel density make it have some usage improvements as well.

Also, if you are looking for a stock Android experience, The GPe ROM is available, but you could always install launchers atop Sense, which isn't bad at all.

Take care, and don't forget to share your choice!

I can't stop recommending the lg g2... It has the best battery life of any smartphone out there and its also really powerful. 

If you only want to choose between the One and Nexus however, the One is mostly better. Other than it having a smaller screen and the camera being a bit worse, its great. My bro has it. 

I'm definitely no developer, although it would be cool to put some mame style roms on it, but it's no deal breaker.

More recommendations are totally welcome. But I feel like at this point and this range of phone they will all pretty much behave the same despite a few minor differences on paper.And so far I think the One is the sexiest phone out there, plus the speakers are just awesome.

I'm hearing rumors that the next gen of the One will be announced in like 3 weeks. So I'm on this kick that I should wait but I can't help wondering how much difference there will be between a snapdragon 600 @1.7 Ghz to a 800 @2.1 Ghz. If the 5" display makes the dimensions bigger I would rather have the older 4.7" And I seriously doubt I would need that extra CPU power.

I'm throwing my vote for the HTC One. Even though I'm partial to the nexus devices, I just enjoy the stock software but HTC did a pretty good job with their version so. Plus you can always get the google play edition for the one if you dont like HTC's flavor and willing to put up some extra cash. That and if the next gen isn't already out its probably priced like its going to be a previous gen anyways. Not to mention I've heard it wasn't too dificult to throw a custom rom on it either.

A better question is: One or LG G2. The answer is still One.

I own the One. I've had it for about 2 years. It's great. battery life is meh. Speakers are good. build quality is superb. Metal phone or go home. Screen is great; a little on the warm side. There's some bloatware
Overall it's a pretty good phone