HTC Droid DNA Owners, Assemble!

Lets see if we can get a discussion going about the semi-recent release of the Droid DNA(HTC J Butterfly/DLX) here in the U.S. on Verizon.

I recently got the Droid DNA about last Wednesday/Thursday and I have been really pleased with the performance, scoring almost 8,300 on Quadrant and the screen is outright amazing. Apps/Games such as Angry Birds, Temple Run, Drag Racing, Paper Toss, Plague Inc, Steam, Quadrant, etc. all scale amazingly well(especially Angry Birds, the menu is outright tiny!).

My father has Verizon as his work carrier and so I was able to test the 4G consumption of this phone for about a day of daily use; so 4G LTE connection all day, constant email checking, texting, calling, etc. for a 9-5 work day and usually his Thunderbolt is around 35% at the end of the day, but the DNA had around 70% left! Since I have T-Mobile as my carrier and I don't pay for data my ending battery after school is around 70% as well, but that is after playing Pokemon Blue during breaks, listening to music/videos, texting/calling and if I leave the brightness a bit too high during videos/games it does consume battery pretty heavily. The only thing wrong with the phone is the crap bloatware(which will be removed once a stable ROM comes about) and Sense doesn't tax the phone as much as I thought it would, currently is around 100MB of RAM used out of the total 2GB.

Now the camera is pretty awesome with features like panorama, HDR and a very nice focusing ability. Haven't had the time to truly take pictures of certain terrain with acceptable lighting, but it is a very nice camera. Also haven't tried the 1080p/720p video recording as I haven't had anything to record.

It's a very nice phone and the lack of a SD card on the Verizon version is a bit disheartening, but as an avid music and video listener/watcher, I can easily compress 720p videos down a lot and it won't take up much room, currently with seven 720p music videos, three movies(one being 720p), about 100 songs with multiple games and apps installed, I have about 7GB left out of the total 16GB(11GB useable). Most likely when a ROM comes out with stock Android, it will decrese a bit more(and with the Verizon crap removed), I should see about 12GB-14GB useable. Also note that the International version of this phone(the HTC J Butterfly) will have a SD card slot that will allow you up to 32GB more storage.


If you have any questions about the phone, feel free to post below or shoot me a PM.

Cant tell if review or bragging XD

The lack of space kills this phone for me.  I dont have an ipod anymore(got stolen) so the phone has to do, and 11gb just isnt going to cut it.

I love my DNA, still waiting for CM10 though, the memory doesn't bother me, more would be nice though. I have had it sence black friday, and i'm getting pretty close to my cap :(

all manufacturer's doing on the storage... they chose the us version not to have any external (which i disliked as well)... per the htc rep i deal with during pre-launch testing... it was the only issue i reported that was wrong with it, lol.  im sure that I just revealed what company i work for. oops.

HTC Sense makes me want to puke.

yea its definitely a preference thing lol not a huge fan of it either.

I have had my DNA almost a month now, and can say it is incredible. (granted, I was upgrading from an older blackberry) The battery life is actually respectable for a 5 inch screened device, and it is really quick with the combination of 4G and a quad core processor. I would reccomend it highly.

No SD card, no sale