Hpe Server firmware updates

Does anyone know if you need a support contract anymore to download firmware updates?
I just went on HPE website and It let me download some updates.

Just wondering if Im missing something or not cause Im looking at a 400 dollar 24 core server with my name on it but If I cant update it I dont really want it at all.

Any specific hardware in mind you needed to flash?

Yea it would be a HP proliant DL160 g10 server with the first gen xeon scalables

should work, just really wants you to sign up. I have to do this more often than I care to admit and I loathe hps website.


Critical updates are free but for certain stuff you still have to pay.

As usual, someone on the internet also solved the problem of backporting some stuff to older G8/G9’s.



AFAIK Gen. 9 and below HPE locks away and you can’t access without some sort of contract. Gen 10 they started letting people download critical and security updates without a contract.

Awesome thank you guys I just tax returns back so I am about to hop on this.

Do tell us if you are able to successfully do this.