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HPE DL385 evaluation, EPYC workstation

The prices continue to drop! I’m contacting my Enterprise rep at HPE to setup an evaluation of a DL385 Gen10+ with the small EPYC Rome processor in it, to see how it might work as a GIS workstation for an Emergency Management Office I support.

I plan to put a Quadro P2000 in it, and maybe a USB 3.1 host bus adapter. OS will be Windows 10 Enterprise, I don’t think Windows for Workstations will offer any additional benefits, looking at 16 cores and 64gb ram.

The existing workstation is an HP z800 with some sort of Xeon in a 4U rack mount configuration, and not exactly quiet. The other G10 I’ve worked with have been very quiet, and I believe have a low noise setting mode for the fans.

Will keep everyone posted.

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