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HPE Aruba, 3rd party transceiver source?

Looking for SFP28 DAC cables, or reasonably priced MMF 25GBase SFP28 optics, of the 3rd party persuasion. This is for a Aruba CX 6400 series switch, HP part #'s JL484A and JL489A.

Checked with and, no dice. Any other suggestions for a USA supplier?

We bought some at work, I will look tomorrow.
HP/Aruba can be very fussy.

Particularly the ProCurves but this one looks like post Aruba acquisition.
I do remember using this on a 2930F

show tech transceivers

A source informed me HPE Aruba is working on adding 3rd party support for 25GB+ transceivers. Right now only 1 and 10GB TPM are supported.

Might see a public release by November.

Turns out we tried some 3rd party but switched to aruba dacs after some issues. As I recall, after some firmware update they disallowed the unsupported workaround. could be wrong.

For my small project I’ll just buy the HPE parts. Will see what FS and Proline come up with in a year or two after the new firmware drops.