HP ZBook 17 G5 - Anyone have one?

Looking at one of these for my next work machine replacement (with the i7-8850H). Specifically because the marketing copy touts “a 20% improved thermal system for unthrottled performance”. Whereas the 2018 MBP throttles if you look at it sideways, and the Dell XPS line is reported to throttle. They are very new however and there appear to be zero reviews of them. I am limited to a laptop under about 2800USD, my employer will not pay for an external GPU, and I run two 4K displays which I suspect work the onboard GPUs very hard just to draw the desktop and generate more heat. The particular SKU of the G5 I’m looking at has a Quadro P3200 which is a quantum leap in GPU power (very close to the aging GTX960 in my games box) which I hope will help on that front. Has anyone got one of these systems?

At my workplace i’m delivering these machines to developers.
Great machins, only downsite is that they are heavy as fuck.
I haven’t heard anyone complaining about throttling.

what kind of workload are you putting on this?

Building software inside docker containers for both windows and linux and building/debugging the containerized build environment itself. lots of CPU and IO usage. Thank you for the hardware feedback, glad there are no immediate showstoppers