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HP Z620 for Linux Workstation?


So, after deliberating with roommates the following list is what we went with:


You are puting together a build with >400W thermal dissipation in a case with no direct air flow through the front.
There are reasons to do this, but for workstation use, I would use something like the Silverstone RL06


Mazeframe, I too am building a new desktop for the same workloads as @NDimensionalManifold except it also will be my gaming and everyday workhorse, but in regard to your choice of the Silverstone RL06, I think because of any Teadripper motherboard is going to be an E-ATX size that case while the motherboard will fit, it will be a nightmare for cable management. Meaning an E-ATX size motherboard will cover the rubber grommets, thus provide no options to hind the cables. Of course, I did very little google research, so I could be wrong. I don’t know what other cases I would replace it with, which is one of the reasons my build has stalled.


The RL06 only supports ATX and mATX, but the airflow is much better than in most (if not all) Fractal Design cases.

TR4 formfactor wise got most formats covered:


Thanks, MazeFrame for correcting my wrong impression on all Threadripper motherboards. I now see where it is going to be a lot easier picking out a case for my new build. But I imagine I will be looking for a full tower instead of a mid tower if I Continue with my plan sticking with a E-ATX motherboard.


There are a few mid towers that can take eATX motherboards, but a full tower is probably better for airflow concerns. In my case, I already had the Fractal Design Define S laying around, but I used MNPCTECH’s guide for a mesh front panel mod on the Define S. So my airflow will be great–actually.


Airflow concerns are my biggest concern, the last desktop build I built I didn’t consider airflow and as a result, I have regretted that decision ever since.


Just an update: the system is complete. I think I might be grabbing another 32GB kit of RAM for it, however.


That is a sexy machine.
Just one thing:

Maybe add some black cardboard (or carbon fiber sheet) to direct the air stream towards the GPUs. The screw points are allready there.