Hp z220 sff

Bought a HP Z220 off of Ebay a few days ago for $99.90 shipped with 8GB of ram, Core i3-2120, 500GB 7200 HDD and a handfull of cables/adapters. Plan is to replace my Aunts old LGA 775 Pentium 4(Cedar Mill) computer with this, probably drop the i3-2120 for a i5-3570. A good mix of getting her off of WinXP, Getting her a computer that actually works without me have to make it work, Web browser that doesn’t take 2 minutes to load, and I get to steal back my old system.

Computer mostly used for email, writing documents and other not so intensive tasks, might need to run a VM every once in awhile. Figure since it will probably be another 10-15 years until I can get her to migrate again I should put the i5 into it.

Mostly just looking for suggestions, better CPU idea’s(Most my Intel knowlede is C2Q and lower), known problems with HP Z220’s, those kinda things. Not worried about the HP PSU, Got a Manual for converting a standard PSU to work with it in my backups of things I really didn’t need to download but did anyways…

Just looking through that it looks like you have purchased quite a capable little box. The i5-3570 is certainly a decent enough performer and as good as most cheaper CPU’s available today.

If you can fit a decent quality SSD & at least 8GB RAM it should last quite a while before another hardware refresh is needed - especillay if you are able to use an OS that also has long term support/updates.

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