HP Z1 Workstation

So i just notice this is out and on the market for all pocket sizes, and i was wondering what you guys think of it? is this how every Windows computer should be in terms or design, upgradability and power?

i was seriously starting to think the IMac was the only solid all in one computer out there but man! is this thing sexy! lol

i think this is how it should be with all windows pcs, makes me proud to be a windows user, and is there any possible way Logan might be able to review this? Hp if your reading this, send em one!! xD


Nice all in one, and if i had the money right now to buy a new computer, i think this would be my choice in picking one.

For the lazy.

thank you, now people will see what im talkign about lol, and yeh this thing looks great and has so many configurations xD

when my current Pc dies on me i might just buy this instead of keeping my old one and buying new parts for it xD