HP x360 15.6" /w i7-8550U

Hi all,

I’m looking for something to run Linux as the main OS and Windows 10 on top of it. I like the 2-in-1 form factor, and want to find one that works with Linux AND the new 8th Generation U SKU (more cores in a smallish package). I had a 1st generation 14" Thinkpad Yoga, and I miss it.

The use case would be developing (machine learning/deep learning, db work, gpu compute, etc.), productivity, demonstration (teaching), media consumption, VMs, containers, and if I have time for it ever again, some light gaming. FYI, much of my tool kit is Windows based, but I think it’s time to make the move.

I have a few questions:

  • Given the use case, suggestions for Linux distros to try?*
  • Is the 8550U compatible with Linux at this time? (4 cores and 8 threads in this form factor is a boon)*
  • If I do run it this way, would I lose touch screen or pen functionality?
  • I have a few 15" ASUS USB A 3.0 and USB C type external monitors. Would those be compatible?
  • Anything else I should consider given the above?

I’m open to suggestions and comments.


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I found this post on Reddit, and according to that, most of the functionality of that Kaby Lake machine was present.

Once this machine becomes available with the 8550U, I think I’m going to grab one with a 512GB nVME and get Linux and Windows on there. I have an external SSD, so all the extra crap can go on that. Based on this Reddit post and some additional digging, Thunderbolt should be working for my external screens, dock and so forth. I’m getting the machine to support this endeavor.

I’ll guinea pig this one.