HP Stream 7 Signature Edition

Hey guys!

So I recently acquired a Stream 7 as a gift. So far I am mostly pleased with the performance, but I have been heavily considering attempting to install Android or Linux onto it. That's where you guys come in! I have had extensive use of dual boot configurations on PC's for years now. I have also flashed phones before, so that's all helpful I guess. But outside installing Cyanogenmod on an older HP Touchpad, I have never installed another OS on a tablet based off of the X86 architecture, and as such kind of don't even know where to start. Think you guys could help me out? I have done some research on other forums on this tablet, but no one is installing an alternate OS, just reinstalling the stock one. Would any of you be able to point me in to the right direction to possibly installing Android? I would really appreciate it. 

You could install Androidx86, its Android that runs on X86 devices. however you would have to check if your Device is Bios is NOT EFI based. if it is you are boned. I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro, and i can't install Distros on it at all, which is pretty ironic considering Dell Devices never seem to have issues with Linux Distro Installations.

My tablet has the same bios type yours does. Main differences is yours has 2GB of ram, and has higher memory bandwidth, as such the GPU is faster. And your screen is bigger. But AFAIK we both have the 32EFI type bios. This is my CPU. http://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-Atom-Z3735G-Tablet-SoC.116935.0.html

Try running an OS in a VM.

The device in question is limited to 1GB of DDR3 RAM, It doesn't have enough memory left after booting and running a few programs, I do not believe it would for a VM either. I'll see what I can get going in VirtualBox