HP Storageworks Ultrium 960 In Sun Microsystems SunFire 2500?

I have a random tape drive with an unused 300GB tape sitting in it. I don’t have the server the drive is out of anymore, and the only other machine with scsi 2 is this sun machine I got.

Would it work?

Should work. May only take commands instead of being directly controlled.

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Would I have to activate it in ofw first and then load the driver in obsd or no?

Usually yes. So when you have it connected and you log into robot, you should see that it is connected to the computer. If you don’t see it connected to the computer, you most likely need to enable the interface card.

From there, fire up the Solaris system, lsmod or modprobe and things should come to life.

This is a little bit older hardware than what I deal with, but the technology has been roughly the same for decades.

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