HP ProLiant ML10 Gen9 upgrades

I got it during a flash sale. Specs are
Skylake DT Core i3-6100 @3.7ghz
4gb DDR4 ram

The docs claim a max of 32gb ram. But the part I'm unclear about is what kind of cpu can I upgrade to?

I found during a search someone claimed of be able to upgrade to a Xeon. But I'd be happy if I could get an i7 to work.

I7 means no ecc memory

ecc vs. non-ecc, which one is better?

ECC is error correcting, non-ecc means only very basic error correcting. Ecc is more betterest.

If you want to upgrade the CPU, the logical stepup for that machine would be something along the lines of an Intel Xeon E3-1230 V5. You've got an Lga 1151 motherboard, so you can only put a 1151 cpu in that board, and you need one with ECC support, so Xeon E3 V3 is an obvious choice.

CPU wise you can install everything called 12xx from this list http://ark.intel.com/products/series/88210/Intel-Xeon-Processor-E3-v5-Family#@server

or anything from this list

Personally i would go for a Xeon for ECC support. For ECC memory dont go for the original HPE parts but for the Kingston equivalents from this page http://www.kingston.com/en/memory/search?DeviceType=8&Mfr=HEW&Line=ProLiant&Model=94484 its usually priced quite fairly compared to the HPE parts

The following numbers are from the one stick of ram it came with.

4GB 1RX8 PC4-2133P

According to google it is ECC memory, if that's the case then it wouldn't matter what lga1151 cpu I used?

I think I now understand what I need for memory, would the following work?

ECC memory is only supported on Xeon, and skylake I3. I5 and I7 do NOT support ECC memory. Really, for a proper server, you'd want a Xeon. Your limited to the V5 and V6 E3 generations because of the socket. V5 is the safe bet as V6 might require a bios update to get working.

ECC support is one of the thing that separate Xeon from the iwhatever. Since its a server and i would guess that uptime and stability is the goal here i would go for ECC memory and a Xeon E3-12xx V5. As TheCaveman said a V6 would probably work but i wouldnt risk it since the performance gains would be minimal

Some Celerons also support ECC

Meh, that system is hardly worth the CPU upgrade.
Just get more RAM.

ECC also means about 10% penalty in performance when compared to non-ECC ram.

True, but he's already on an I3 so if he wants to upgrade any farther, he'd want a Xeon. No reason to go from a dual core with HT I3 to another dual core with HT in a pentium or celeron.

If I got the E3-1230 V5 the 4gb ram that came it would not work? No big deal since I plan on filling all 4 sockets.

According to the following the xeon has no gpu, if that's the case then the on board display port video would no longer work?



Page 18 shows a list of compatible cpu's, kind of odd that the i7 isn't listed.

One would think an i7 would work since HP shipped it with an i3. But, what do I know.

Since the 4GB of ram you have is ECC, and the Xeon supports ECC, it would work. But as you said, it would not have onboard video. For a Xeon with onboard video, I'd recommend you look at xeon E3 1245 V5.

Skylake I3's (such as the one the server came with) support ECC memory, but I5's and I7's do not support ECC memory. Because of this, I5's and I7's are not compatible. I5's and I7's do though have comparable Xeon E3 counter parts. A xeon E3 1220 V5 is the core/thread/clockspeed equivalent of an I5, but with the added bonus of ECC memory. Xeon E3 1230 v5 and greater (1240 v5, 1245 v5, etc;) are comparable to I7's because Xeon 1230 v5 and greater support Hyper-threading like an I7 does.

Would the following be a good choice?

Yep that'd be a great choice.

For the ECC memory, would that have to be installed in pairs or could I add one stick at a time when money permits me to do so.

You can go one stick at a time. You can get away with mixing and matching but it is definitely not preferable. Try to match all the DIMMs if possible.

It took a while but I finally had the money and got my xeon. The cooler that came with the xeon was smaller than the one that came with the computer, so I reused the larger heat sink. To my surprise it did run with the one 4gb stick, after running for about a half hour it warmed up to 85f. But I didn’t do anything to load it to 100%.

The next step is a pair 16gb ecc ram sticks.