HP Proliant DL120 G7 As FileServer

I want to build a file server for home use and I found an HP Proliant DL120 G7 with an Intel Xeon E3 1220 3,1ghz and 4gb DDR3 memory for €130 (138 $). Is it a good deal or even a good idea?

The specs looks good for file server, however I tend to lean more to dell/supermicro because a hp server bad experience and because of a recommendation of a close person that sell servers for small/medium companies (that also had bad experiences with hp server hardware).

One thing that I highly recommend is that you that avoid 1U servers (like this one) because they are extreme loud and probably expensive to modify them to be quieter if you are going to be close to them.

They're great little servers though I've got DL360s with more storage and card slots plus optional dual processor. Not much goes wrong on them. Mostly SAS drives like any constantly used HDD and very rarely a RAM stick or an Ethernet port.

They are noisy but tucked away from direct ear shot it wouldn't be too bad with a light load. Best to always buy the highest specced server as the DL120s for example are storage limited and SAS drives tend to be 10/15K RPM but quite small.

How about one of these Microservers instead which are usually much cheaper after cash back and a bit easier to upgrade.

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Another vote for the microserver here. Or even an inexpensive NAS.
The enterprise grade gear is cool, but it's noisy and sucks a lot of KWh from your electricity bill.

It'll likely be more trouble than it's worth. "Proper" server hardware is just a pain to deal with at home.

I use the Gen8 Microserver myself for a Storage server , but price wise the DL120 G7 is a good deal

Another shout for the HP Microserver right here.

I bought a Gen7 a couple of years ago and chucked 4 x 3TB in there.
Running OpenMediaVault with a few plugins and it has been rock solid.