HP prodesk g4 displayport overheating?

Hey guys sorry wasnt sure where to post this.

I bought a project mini micro inspired hp prodesk 600 g4 (8500t) off of ebay. ~$100

The monitor out gives me intermittent issues:

  1. when booting, after the black bios screen when its supposed to switch to windows it does a split screen type of view where the windows startup is on top and the bios screen stays on the bottom, but the screen glitches and is super low rez and becomes unusable.

  2. the device was booted up, under load (windows update, ninite installing) and the display kept going in an out basically. It seems to be heat related becuase the dp ports are right after the CPU and it gets the hottest in that area. CPU temps are otherwise fine (HWInfo)

So what I tested was if I’m in port 1 (built in, outter most) it gives me issues. The issues are intermittent so i haven’t been able to thoroughly test each port but I went to port 3 (expansion) and it seems to not have happen yet.

It has two dp ports built in and the expansion port has one as well. (Any one know if that’s standard or common or does it indicate the original owner realized the issue?)

I’m planning on using it headless anyways as a home server, but the return window is almost closing and wondering what to do? I didn’t keep the box or remember how they packed it. pretty sure it was just one strip of the air pillows? like amazon uses.

We have seen a TON of 8th gen Intels with dead integrated graphics

They all start with screen anomalies such as odd cursors then escalate to what you are experiencing.

When you say expansion, I am assuming you mean GPU

Long and short is your integrated graphics on the CPU is damaged
do not trust this machine with anything mission critical (8th gen used machine of unknown origin so I’d assume you already knew that)

Run it headless with a cheap GPU until the wheels fall off and move on.

If you begin having memory errors, salvage the memory and recycle the rest

the expansion is not a gpu, its just an optional proprietary hp add in module (usb, hdmi, dp, ethernet …), in this case dp.

so the igpu seems to work, as in the display works.
let me stress test the igpu and see if that exposes it.

nice tip!

yea it may be on its way out.

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