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HP ProCurve 2650 Stuck at POST


The other day I just picked up a nice HP 2650 from a local recycler. They put stuff back together to resell after businesses upgrade.

Anyways, I set the new switch up last night to replace the 2 small 8 port d-link switches I had duct taped together. It is surprisingly quiet, making me wonder if its not booting correctly and its getting too hot. I was expecting it to be louder?

But now, its just sitting with all the lights on like I had just plugged it in for the first time. Occasionally all the lights turn off or one of the status lights does. I’m not opposed to taking it back, but I’d rather not what with this having gigabit and SPI built in and all (tho only 2 ports sadly).

It’d kinda suck if this thing is DOA, but I can keep looking for another one I guess. Please help though!



Please post the output from the serial console, hopefully it’s something simple.

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I can see the serial port on the back of it, but how do I pull data from it?



Connect to it with a USB to Serial adapter. 9600 baud 8 none 1

Use the terminal program of your choice to display the output.

Connect the serial first, then power up the switch so you capture all the boot messages.

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Oh cool I have one of those for my amiga.

I’ll have to hit this later though I am starting to run out of time for today. I’ll post an output later tonight.



Hey sorry its taken so long to get back to you. Farm life tumbles out of control sometimes.

Anyways both the cable and plug are female so no bueno there. I imagine I could use a parallel port as a serial port though?



Ok, so there’s the quick and dirty method, and the more reliable but slower method.

A. You need three connections between the switch and your USB adapter. Switch RX to USB TX, switch TX to USB RX and ground to ground. Strip some wire and just jamb it in the holes.

B. Buy a DB9 null modem cable from eBay, or an HP console cable.



Since you know your way around this pretty gud, what are the chances the switch is just fucked? Is it just a better idea to go return it and see if they have another one?

Or could a configuration be broken?

I’ve never had a managed switch before.



Having all the lights stuck on isn’t a good sign. I doubt it’s just overheating.

But it could be a corrupt file on the nvram that’s crashing the CPU during boot.

The serial console will provide the answer.

Could try this reset procedure



Went back to the store with the switch to see if they had a cable. Showed them the switch, they changed it out for a slightly nicer cisco catalyst. No charge or hassle.

We couldn’t figureout what had happened in the time before it was tested and I bought it. Coulda been dropped, anything could have happened really, but they pretty much said they couldn’t even get console. Soooooo yeah I’ll say that was sold on accident.

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What store was this?



When all those lights flash it is testing the ports.

We used to use those switches in my old job.

Sometimes it gets stuck and all of them stay on.

Those switches do need programming to work correctly, they are not really plug and play.



A recycle place that exclusively works with business and corporate hardware.



That sounds horrible. Kinda need the lights u kno.



“upgrade” to a Cisco is debatable. Every model I’ve worked with had overly agressive cooling fans, very small and whiney. Never found a good fit for a home application.

Glad to hear you have what you need.



I honestly kicked myself about it, but its a catalyst 3750. It has the stack connectors on it so thats sick. I will consider that an upgrade (not as nice as live wire swapping though…)

I’m still looking for a 2650 either way though.