HP Probook 4540S - Sleep Issue

I just purchaed an HP Probook 4540s with intel 400 GPU and radeon 7650M gpu , core i5 with HT and 8GB of RAM . I am having one issue with this notebook , when putting the computer to sleep its fine however when i go to wake it out of sleep the computer never recovers it will just fail and reboot, i have read forums on  updating the bios and maybe that will fix teh issue however the post didnt look promising, Has anyone else found a concrete solution for this issue ??

return it for one that works not a fan of hp anyways

me either but i didnt want to purchase my fav PC : dell latitude/precision used becuase i have nvr purchased ....a laptop new and loaded Dell latitude / precision can be upward 1k in price. ill see what others have to say but yeah it may go back to the store if all else fails .

Fixed it, i restored PC to factory partition