HP ProBook 4510s WiFi Problem

My laptop is no longer able to connect to a network I've been using for months. It's a un-secured network without a password and it has worked fine until now. luckily i was able to access another network through a someones HTC ONE-S it's also un-secured, but the bandwidth is not acceptable, I can't even watch a youtube video. I can barely do this.

Anyway when i try to connect it says "wireless association failed because windows did not receive any response from the wireless router or access point" It used to work fine until recently (Wed, August 13, 2014 8PM).

So what is the problem and how do i fix it? BTW no it's not my network, it's not in my house, i don't know who's property it's on, and i have no physical access to the router itself. It's an 802.11g signal and i usually get 2 bars from it, about 40% of the time it will go to 1 bar of signal strength.

Let me just say that jumping onto someones signal like that, pretty sure its not really legal as well as VERY rude and dishonest (unless you have prior permission from the owner of said signal/modem/router). Plus, if you don't have access to the router then its really hard to say what the issue may be. Lastly, if you don't have permission to be on the network, then that person may have blocked your IP address/device name and they have every right to and I honestly hope they did (if you did not have prior permission). If you do have their permission I would be glad to attempt to troubleshoot but for now, I'm assuming your just highjacking someone else's signal and you should feel bad (again unless you have prior permission). *Tips fedora* Good day.