HP printer won't work!

Hey guys,

I have an old hp printer (hp deskjet-940c). I'm using linux mint 17.1 32-bit at the moment and it recognises the printer. however, when I give the printer a task it says it completed the task but nothing has happened. I went onto hplip and found a driver for the printer but i can't install the new driver. I'm not even sure if that will fix the problem because the printer is recognised. Rest assured the printer does work it just doesn't respond to the tasks it is given. Any help is appreciated!!

Assuming you have software center or synaptic, try searching in there for drivers. Often it'll have it.


Did you enable it? Most printers on linux are installed, but then required enabling, which requires root rights on many distros (which is a pretty dumb thing for home users, but it actually makes a lot of sense in the bigger picture).

Lols well did you activate the printer in the Linux Mint system settings after instant it.. Because it sounds like you didnt.. Also how did you install it.. Maybe we can see an error there maybe...