HP Printer Recommendations

Hey, would you still recommend these? I’m thinking of getting one for a part of the office.

Probably will not refill as I don’t really have the resources to do so and I guess it would void warranty but they’re still cheap per page?

have an older ink printer from hp, not sure if windows 10 is fucking up a single print queue or that ink fucking vampire. i hear brother makes pretty good toner printers

No luck with printers whatsoever over here, specially HP.
I think the ones I hate the least are the Samsungs and Oki Datas, Samsung for the great software and Oki for the robust hardware.
I haven’t used Lexmark or Kyocera so far, maybe there’s a diamond in the rough.

Sorry, I failed to make this a reply to @MrAlfredBuddyGuy as I’m mostly interested in the HP PageWide printers.

I’m glad to hear your insight @trickkynickk and @Automobili3XF but are the printers you are referring to consume, small business or enterprise?

Any reason for wanting this specific brand and model line?

Are other brands not an option?

Printers are just pure evil. They smell fear!

On topic: Kyocera and Epson have behaved somewhat in my experience.


Lasers printers only but yeah I got an aio at home useful

Not loyal to any specific brand but was looking into the HP pagewide models and someone in the thread before the split shared their experience so I was wondering if they would still recommend them.

I’ve dealt with pretty much all of them, but the Okis are definitely enterprise or small business level.
Ricohs have been somewhat okay-ish, the hardware itself is good but the software is behind by several years…

@Caprica Hi there. Just an update. Been using the HP pagewide 477 since June of 2016. I’ve been refilling the original HP 972a cartridges using the same ink we had purchased for hp 951 series of cartridges. I am checking ink levels weekly or more depending on my print volume. I try not to let the cartridge get to below 90grams in weight. (YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET AIR IN THE LINES). And when I refill, I top them off to about 105-117grams of weight. I found that basically 1 ml of ink is about 1 gram (or close enough) so that is actually convenient for me when I load up my syringe.

I’m finding I can get about 3 months of life out of a single cartridge…however I’m not keeping a specific log for each cartridge as I refill. I probably should have to be a bigger help to the refilling community. But I have more important things to do. After a while the LCD will say, this printer is not designed for use with continuous ink systems. And it will ban the cartridge, and you can’t even leap frog to unban it either.

It would probably be wise to check the printer settings to make sure you turn off auto reporting, or auto firmware updates etc.

@Novasty HP Pagewide, to my knowledge is the only style of printer I have ever seen that will literally print a 100% coverage sheet of paper, whether all black or all color in 1 second. Just as fast as laser jet. Unlike other ink jet printers. There is no print head carriage that moves side to side. The print heads are “page wide” literally covering the width of the page. Well, about 8.25 x 10.75 inches worth and that’s extremely good coverage for standard copy paper.

There are other older printers that are better for refilling. But it’s hard to go from printing 3 seconds per page to 10-20 seconds per page depending on the printer. Duplex 2 sided printing about 12 seconds per sheet, full coverage.

Another thing from my experience. HP still has one of the best web interfaces for administering their printers, But to be fair, it’s been about 4 years since I’ve tried other brand (epson).

Lastly, I never install printer software. The autodetect driver from windows works fine.

[edit] I absolutely LOVED Xerox Phaser (solid ink printer) from the early 2000’s. Sadly they discontinued them because low cost printing with 90% less waste is not profitable.

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Thanks for sharing! I ended up getting a Brother monochrome but that’s mostly based on that departments budget and wishes.

My mom has a Brother. I don’t know how old it is though because the ink cartridges don’t use chips, but I set her up with a continuous ink system and it has worked very well.