Hp motherboard boot screen

I took a motherboard out of an old hp Pavilion and put it into my new pc. When I turn on my pc I get a splash screen with the hp logo. What's happening?

Update: I removed my gpu and everything booted up ok. I'm pretty sure the problem is that I don't have enough power. Thanks everybody for the help.

It's an hp board so naturally it will have an hp splash screen , not like the splash screen data file is stored on the drives.

The mobo is still HP. Its not the case that makes it one.
What you see is a image displayed to you, which is stored on the motherboard. You'll even see it if you run the PC without a case :P

Forgot to mention, it stays on the splash screen for a few minutes then goes to a black screen and doesn't boot up windows

Yea that would be a key point to definitely include....

Did you install windows or.....? Did you try anything as far as troubleshooting yet? Anything else you want to include rather then two sentences?

I haven't done any trouble shooting yet. I have windows installed on one hard drive and Linux Ubuntu installed on another. After the splash screen it shows me what gpu I have installed but then stays on a blank screen.

Ok then tap all the F keys or delete key and go into the bios and set the cd drive as the first boot drive and install an os that the board can be linked to. Just sticking a drive with an os from a different machine won't really work , unless it's windows 98.