HP LTO -5 ultrium 3000 tape drive and SAS-cables

HP LTO -5 ultrium 300 tape drive and SAS-cables

  • Hi i have bought a HP LTO -5 ultrium 3000 tape drive and i am wondering if this Mini-SAS-SFF-8643 to 4 29pin SFF-8482 connectors will work with my motherboard. So i just want to hear if other guys have tried something like this. And if no other people have tried this. Then i will report what the outcome is so other people can learn from me.

  • I have checked the HP LTO -5 ultrium 3000 manual and it seems that the SAS SFF-8643 connector is what i need.

  • But what i am going to try is connecting the Mini SAD SFF 8643 also know as the new U2 connector to my motherbard but the big questions will it work but i am right now waiting for the cable.

  • But i am curious if some guys have experience connecting a LTO tape drive or other hardware to the U2 (Mini SAD SFF 8643) on motherboards.

Here is a list of hardware i am using for this prosject.

I can’t comment on that setup - but watching with interest as I do have a Quantum LTO2 tape drive working in Linux (but it’s LVD SCSI) and I’m looking to upgrade it at some point.

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What software are you using in conjunction with the tape drive unit? I assume this is for archiving or backups.

  • I am gonna use a linux distro for the os so in my case either fedora or ubuntu. The software I am gonna use is either bacula but I read one can also use the mt tape drive utility and use tar to compress the files.

  • I have the hp tape drive and LTO 5 cartridges they were shipped faster so now I am only waiting for the SAS cable

  • I am gonna report what happens next.

  • The LTO 5 tapes seems good they where cheap in Norway only 32 dollar for one and they where brand-new ones . But thing is that the tape drives are expensive but i where lucky i got mine for 233 dollar on the used market and it was lightly used.

I’m not too confident it’ll work but I don’t really know for sure. In theory, it shouldn’t; because the U.2 connector on the motherboard is really just a PCIE connection, and according to the B&H spec sheet for the LTO-7:


the tape drive connection is a SAS 6Gbps connection, which would imply you’d need an expansion card with a sas controller to address the tape drive.

I’ve never played with anything like that tape drive reader so I’m not 100%, but I wouldn’t assume it would work. If I had to guess, I’d think you’d need something like a Lsi 9211-8i to make it work. But who knows, that’s just my guess.

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  • You maybe right i bought the cables because it was cheaper than a raid card so if it do not work i will buy a raid card. And TheCaveman thank you for the link.

  • I also read that U2 connector is the SAS SFF-8643 connector and in HP LTO -5 ultrium 3000 manual it said that you either need a raid controller or a connector on the motherboard but time will show.

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Some server motherboards do have those connectors onboard since some motherboard’s have Sas add-in controllers integrated onboard.

I use a mixture of dump, tar and mt (mt-st NOT mt-GNU) for backups, archives and controlling the tape drive respectively.

Note that dump should only be used to backup filesystem snaphots, as it’s not wise to backup a live mounted filesystem.

You don’t want a RAID card, you need a SAS HBA (Host Bus Adapter). For example here’s a link to a list of qualified HBAs for all Tandberg SAS tape drives. The likelihood is these would work with your drive (but see if you can find an equivalent list for HP):


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  • Thanks for the info. I have found the hp docs and i going to read them later and post what i found here.

Hi all, first post so apologies for the necropost but it looks like the right people were here albeit a while back :wink:

I hoped that now you’ve all had a few years of experience with this I might benefit from your knowledge here :slight_smile:

I’ve similar hardware to the OP above (modern CPU/MB , external LTO-5 tape drive, cartridges, SAS HBA) and I’d like to to use LTFS on a Linux daily driver workstation (not a dedicated server) used to edit and save/backup large video and digital camera RAW files.


  1. what software on Linux with GUI access can you recommend?
  2. what Linux distro flavors have better support for LTO, LTFS and backup software; Debian, RedHat, OpenSUSE, other?
  3. Does anything on Linux compare to the Windows Explorer folder drag-and-drop GUI-based LTFS support that you get on Windows 7/8/10 etc?

Any help with resources much appreciated!

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